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Hi there,

My name is Franklin, a guy with a great passion to photography and being so lucky to be given a chance to apply my vision in immortalising a moment, on Wedding, Engagement, Portrait and few family photo session.

About my background,

I'm not a photography class student, and never been in to one.
Once, I was following my Papa around, with his old Yashica and F90 with a bunch of roll in the bag, listening all his wisdom and philosophy of photography and captivated by the beauty of his artistry, today I squeeze all the information, technique, experience and knowledge from they who are the very best in the industry. Thank you to the Book Store, digital era, and to all the great Photographer in the Industry, for believe that photography isn't just a technique or a set of a fancy gear, but more than that..

"It's the craft that matter".

About Alodia Oei Photography,

Alodia Oei Photography is a Sydney based photography service
We create a classic style photograph that is telling a story and capture the beauty of the moment. A photograph that you and your love ones will cherish for the years to come.
In every scene given, the aim of my photograph is to bring out the best of my subject, to compliment them through every frame I create, to tell them how beautiful they are and how precious the moment were.

Here is a website where I present my work for public. As every Photo addict, who I believe want to show their works to the world, a place I can show every each of my vision in a frozen moment and share every single moment I ( and the person in frame ) felt to the public, safely.

At The End,

Please visit the Gallery to see the concept of my work, and if you feel like you need to know more, please not to hesitate, just post me an email at and we can start from there.

"It's a great pleasure of having you check on my Gallery,"

If you are one who is about to get married, I wish you all the best in your new marriage life that you are about to endeavour, may love and grace of GOD be with you till the end, you old and grey.

If you are a couple that going to get engaged and planing Pre-wedding photo session,

I would like to congrats you and hope everything going perfect as it's been planned.


If you are Mom/parents, who looking for someone to take a few shot of your happy family member..., I just hope everybody will be in the good mood and can put on a big smile on the day. :)

Thank you very much,

God bless

My Very Warm Regards,